Cost Savings


TOTAL OPENING COST SAVINGS Prefinished opening systems eliminate multiple trips to each opening by laborers, installers and painters. Traditional primed hollow metal frames require a minimum of 10 trips to each opening to distribute, install and finish the frame and door and to distribute and install the hardware. The prefinished opening system requires only 2 trips to the opening – one to distribute the material and one to install all components. This results in substantial labor savings – at least 40% – when compared to hollow metal frames.

Approximate total cost for material, finishing, jobsite distribution and installation


  Traditional Hollow metal
Relative Cost – Frame Only  
Jobsite Distribution    
Relative cost to get door frame and hardware to opening   (1 trip) (3 trips)
Jobsite Installation    
Includes Frame, Door, Lockset   (1 trip) (3 trips)
Jobsite Finishing      
Includes frame and door, surface preparation plus coats paint   (Not required) (4 trips)
Total Opening Cost      
Excluding Door and Hardware