An Array of Design Options

    Timely supplies frames with design flexibility to meet the most stringent commercial, industrial and residential requirements.

    The remarkably versatile Timely line features distinctive door frame casing profiles in steel, aluminum and PVC. Plus, it offers an option to use wood trims of your choice and an unlimited selection of colors complementing doors pre-machined to Timely’s specifications.

    Our patented sustained tension snap-lock clips permit use of our various prefinished casings. The clips hold these casings secure and flush against the wall, eliminating gaps caused by uneven surfaces, as well as creating tight miters. On the TA-8 casing, the Timely MiterGard™ offers additional open-miter protection.

    Innovative Casing Clip Sets the Standard

    Timely’s patented casing attachment clips reflect the company’s leadership in the steel door frame technology. These unique clips are designed to compensate for surface distortion and eliminate ugly gaps. Their “snap-lock” feature makes casing removable, permitting a change of color combinations if desired. For utmost strength, clips are formed of high-carbon steel. They are de-burred and then heat treated for additional strength and zinc coated for rust resistance.

    The Open Miter Fighter

    MiterGard™ is factory-attached to vertical casing. Exposed section slides securely into header casing.

    Rosette Corners

    A stylish option to the standard mitered corner.

    FINISHES: Browntone, Black, Western White, Autumn Brown, Stone Gray, Alumatone and all Elite finishes.
    (consult factory for custom finishes)

    ROSETTES: available in Western White, custom colors and primer.

    TA-8-A-18 Casing Retainer Clip Applied after casingA-18 casing retainer clip

    NOTE: The Timely TA-18 Retainer Clip is used when a customer decides to
    use a Timely casing profile on a frame not prepared to accept casing.
    This clip will fall into perfect register when attached to our frame through any nail hole. We recommend 4 clips to each upright and 3 clips on the header based on a 3-0 x 6-8 opening. Ideal for use on hollow metal frames or any flat surface where our casing may be required.


    NOTE: The Timely TA-18L Splicing Clip is used when a customer decides to use a Timely casing profile on a frame, but needs to extend the length of the casing to accomodate the size of the opening.

    Casing Reinforcement Brackets

    All casings except wood require a reinforcement bracket to be installed under the casing for support. This bracket is placed on the face of the frame and screwed to the wall studs. Holes are drilled and tapped through the casing and into the bracket for mounting of Door Guards and Regular Arm Closers.

    Timely Industries TA-8 Surface Mount Hardware

    Electric Strikes

    Timely has one electric strike emboss available that will fit numerous strikes. The faceplate is a 4 7/8" ASA prep with tabs tapped for 12-24 screws. The face cut out is 3 3/8" x 27/32" which is deep enough for most strikes used with cylindrical lockset. The casing notch depth is adjusted to match the electric strike face depth. A complete list of manufacturers’ strikes and compatibility is available on our website.

    For all electric strikes, it is important to order an extended lip to make sure the strike fills the void in the casing.

    Or, if desired, Timely can supply a TA-10M filler plate if the lip is not long enough to clear the casing. Be aware that virtually all electric strikes require the wall to be modified to provide clearance for the mechanism behind the frame. When the depth of the mechanism exceeds the frame face dimension (1.562") the strike cannot be used. In addition, a fire rated strike must allow for 1/2" of drywall penetration meaning that the mechanism cannot be deeper than 1 1/4".