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Timely Industries is the leading manufacturer of prefinished steel door frames - the key component of a door system that outperforms traditional steel frames while substantially reducing the total opening cost.

Timely has over 40 years experience manufacturing Fire-Rated Door Frames, Sidelights, Borrowed Lights,
Communicating Door Frames, Pocket Door Frames and Adjustable Door Frames.

Multi-Family   Lodging   Medical Office  
Singles | Pairs
Singles | Dutch | Pairs
Medical Office
Sidelights | Transoms
AssistedLiving Office Schools
Assisted Living
Pocket Single | Pocket Converging
Borrowed Lights
Double Egress
With Timely’s Total Opening Concept an installer can install the pre-finished frame, door and
hardware at one time. This results in substantial savings over other products that require return visits
for hanging of doors and hardware, plus field painting costs.