TA-08 Steel TA-23 Aluminum TA-28 Aluminum TA-28M Aluminum TA-30 Steel TA-35 PVC TA-?? Aluminum
TA-08 steel casing profile. TA-23-aluminum-casing-profile TA-28-aluminum-casing-profile TA-28M-aluminum-casing-profile TA-30-steel-casing-profile TA-35-PVC-casing-profile TA----Aluminum-casing-profile
Please select “Products > Casing Options” from the main menu if you require additional information regarding Timely’s casing options.

WOOD CASING (supplied by others)

Wood casing can easily be applied to Timely frames. This requires a frame without Casing Retainer Clips. Specify frames with nail holes and oval slots (NHOS) only. Wood casing is then installed over the frame face using a nail gun or trim head screws. Casing profile must provide back clearance for screw heads used to install frame.

Fire Ratings for non-glazed openings are not affected when using wood casing. Glazed openings are reduced to 20 minutes.