TA-35 colonial PVC Casing



Casing Profiles are saved as AutoCad 2010 files.

TA-35 PVC COLONIAL CASING a delicately defined extruded PVC molding, is quickly applied to Timely’s clip system. Painted or in wood grain finishes.

TA-35 3D Photo TA-23 CAD Drawing No Mullions or Sills Symbol

TA-8 Steel Casing CANNOT be used for Mullions or Sills on TA-35 Applications

Only the TA-30 and TA-35casing require a special factory prep for mounting of Door Guards and Regular Arm Closers.

Hardware can be mounted directly to all other casing profiles.

All casing profiles, except wood casing, require a TA-10 or TA-10A reinforcement mounted behind the casing for hardware attachment.

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