KERFED – Plan Profiles


  • Plan Profiles are saved as AutoCad 2010 files.
  • Plan Profiles are Dynamic Blocks with the ability to:
    1. Select from 6 different casing profiles, 1 example wood casing or no-casing.
    2. Select a valid wall size.
    3. Select a valid door width.

NOTE: Dimensions shown are part of the dynamic blocks and should not be manually adjusted. Dimensions are “annotative” and can be set in model space to (3" = 1' – 0" default), (6" = 1' – 0") and (1' – 0" = 1' – 0").

    KerfedPlanProfiles Example CAD Files

    Example of a downloaded CAD file for Profile P.

    FIXED THROAT KERFED – Frame Profiles



    1 3/4" Door 
      Kerfed Plan Profile P   this profile may also
    be used for
    communicating doors
    Kerfed Plan Profile Q
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    NOTES: 1. Mullions and Sidelights are not available for CK-Series frames. 2. Profiles are shown with TA-8 Casing for example only.